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Parasailing is a recreational activity where a person (two, three and more people may also ride at the same time) is towed behind a boat while attached to a parachute. A harness attaches to the parasail, which is connected to the boat. The boat then drives off, carrying the passenger into the air. The passenger has no control over the parachute. The activity is primarily a fun ride.

Parasailing is alive and well and once you experience the exhilaration, you might just get hooked!

The adventure of skydiving with a lot less fear: For those of you who think of jumping out of a plane on purpose and think ARE YOU KIDDING, parasailing gives you the same sense of flying through the air without the terrifying pressure of falling towards the ground.

The view: There is nothing else like it. A literal bird’s eye view, without the buzz of an airplane deafening you. You can see from the coast to the horizon as you float along behind the boat, peaceful and calm, entirely at ease. You get to experience the world from high above, seeing a bigger scale than many people manage in their lifetime. There is nothing else like it.

Did we mention the flying? Until science invents new technology, you will not get closer to flying. No tin can around you, no uncomfortable level of noise. Just you, and the sensation of floating through the air, free and clean.


  •     Bottled water
  •     Locker
  •     Lightweight life jacket


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  •     Meals    

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Minimum guest for Activity: 01 persons

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  • Bookings will be accepted through our website booking form.
  • Payments can be made through our online payment system.

Cancellation Policy

  • In case booking cancelled Before 72 Hours No cancellation charges 
  • In case booking cancelled before 48 Hours 50 % charges will be applicable
  • In case No-show or booking cancelled within 24 Hours or less or 100 % charges will be applicable

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